Endodontics, or as it is more commonly called, root canal treatment, is a procedure undertaken in order to try and maintain a tooth in the mouth which would otherwise need to be extracted.

Although there are many options available for replacing missing teeth, providing there are no contraindications, preserving natural teeth is the best option. And so root canal treatment is undertaken when a tooth is decayed or infected beyond its ability to repair itself.

The space within the roots of teeth where the nerve and blood supply lie, called the canal, is cleaned, disinfected and then filled with a material to prevent the space from getting re-infected. On completion of the root canal treatment your own dentist will then need to place a permanent filling or crown as the final seal on the tooth.

The procedure normally takes 2 hours, however it is sometimes necessary for more than one appointment. You can be assured that Ruth is a caring and compassionate practitioner who prides herself in her empathetic approach to treating individuals and ensuring that you are comfortably at ease at all times during your treatment.